Tricks of the trade

We firmly believe that tools are an effective and necessary part of training dogs. Whether you’re working on socialization, leash manners or basics commands, below are some of the tools that we recommend to make your job easier. 

Please note: each dog will respond differently to the tools used. We recommend going with the least amount of aversion necessary to enable you and your dog to work together more efficiently.

Slip Leads

We recommend a 4’ slip lead. In our experience any more than that gives too much freedom. Make sure the slip is up behind the ears and that the leather grommet is tightened down. In order to be effective it needs to stay in this position. If it slips down, simply place it back where it belongs.

Prong Collars

Do not cut corners and purchase a less expensive prong!! You will be sorry. You get what you pay for, and this includes how the product is made, comfort level for your dog, and how long the product will last without rusting. We use only Herm Sprenger collars. Like slip leads, the collar must be fit correctly to work effectively. This website offers videos on how to properly fit the prong for ease of use for you and your dog, as well as different styles of the collars we use.

Basket Muzzles

Again, proper fit is key. If you’re having issues in your home with resident dogs fighting, or are simply wanting to safely socialize your dog, we highly recommend a basket muzzle. We strongly recommend the top head strap. Some muzzles do not come with this and will not prevent the dog from pawing it off. 

Find them here.


Crating your dog could save you from having to make a decision to get rid of your dog. Whether it’s an initial training, or a refresher, the key to being successful is making sure your dog does not escape. We recommend a heavy duty, high gauge wire such as the one below. In our experience, iCrate is the best. 

Find it here.

Escape Proof Crate

If your dog is Houdini, and we’ve had a few, this is the crate we recommend. They’re pricey, but compared to having to dump your dog, or running the risk of an indoor disaster while you’re gone, we believe they’re priceless! We’ve used these for several of our dogs. 

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If you have questions, or need assistance with any of these items, please email: